Darcy forchheimer coefficients open foam user guide

Takes the description of the block and the list of curved edges and creates a list of points on edges together with the weighting factors. More.Holds direction in which to split cell (in fact a local coordinate axes).References DimensionedField::dimensions(), DimensionedField::field(), mag(), IOobject::name(), reuseTmpDimensionedField::New(), and tmp::ref().Extract command arguments and options from the supplied argc and argv parameters. More.

An implementation of ensightPart to hold volume mesh faces. More.Signal handler for interupt defined by OptimisationSwitches::stopAtWriteNowSignal. More.Referenced by inplaceSubsetStrings(), subsetMatchingStrings(), and subsetStrings().

Calculation of distance to nearest patch for all points. More.Investigation of Biomass Combustion in GrateFurnaces using CFD Neil Duffy B.E. National University of Ireland, Galway, 2007.

Return list indices for strings matching one of the regular expression.Return the inverse of a symmetric tensor give the determinant. More.References IOstream::check(), entry::keyword(), dictionary::lookup(), dictionary::lookupOrDefault(), dictionary::null, and pid().

This boundary condition provides a surface-normal vector boundary condition by its magnitude. More.References exit(), FatalError, FatalErrorInFunction, forAll, and List::size().Data associated with sphericalTensor2D type are contiguous. More.This boundary condition provides a gradient condition for internal energy, where the gradient is calculated using: More.Quadratic polynomial for upwind biased interpolation fitting. More.A mesh which allows changes in the patch distribution of the boundary faces.Constraint to keep all cells originating from refining the same cell onto the same processor.Definition at line 41 of file fixedNormalSlipFvPatchFieldsFwd.H.

Definition at line 36 of file nonBlockingGaussSeidelSmoother.C.This boundary condition enforces a cyclic condition between a pair of boundaries, whereby communication between the patches is performed using an arbitrary mesh interface (AMI) interpolation. More.Inverse distance to the given patches motion diffusivity. More.Class to hold the defining data for a permanent magnet, in particular the name, relative permeability and remanence. More.Definition at line 184 of file fixedFluxPressureFvPatchScalarField.H.Does not search anything, just takes normal component of distance. More.Supports static assertion that a template argument is of type volMesh. More.An optimized version of Hasher, returning dual hash values. More.Wall interaction setting microscopic velocity to a random one drawn from a Maxwellian distribution corresponding to a specified temperature for a specified fraction of collisions, and reversing the wall-normal component of the particle velocity for the remainder. More.

Specify data associated with sphericalTensor type are contiguous. More.Definition at line 38 of file fixedNormalSlipFvPatchFieldsFwd.H.Referenced by liquidFilmThermo::kappa(), constantFilmThermo::kappa(), and writeUnitSet().Generic mesh wrapper used by volMesh, surfaceMesh, pointMesh etc. More.Data associated with compactSpatialTensor type are contiguous.Official Full-Text Paper (PDF): WIND TURBINE DIFFUSER AERODYNAMIC STUDY WITH OPENFOAM.Referenced by cmptMax(), cmptMin(), pointEdgeCollapse::collapsePriority(), boundBox::minDim(), and fvMatrix::relax().Storage and named access for the indices of a tet which is part of the decomposition of a cell. More.Rotational transformation tensor about the x-axis by omega radians.

Simplified diagonal-based incomplete LU smoother for asymmetric matrices. More.This boundary condition provides a hydrostatic pressure condition, calculated as: More.References forAll, mag(), magSqr(), Kmesh::max(), pow(), List::size(), x, and y.Templated 3D symmetric tensor derived from VectorSpace adding construction from 6 components, element access using xx(), xy() etc. member functions and the inner-product (dot-product) and outer-product of two Vectors (tensor-product) operators. More.References inplaceSubsetMatchingStrings(), inplaceSubsetStrings(), invert(), and Foam::constant::atomic::re.Default behaviour is to act as a zero gradient condition. More.

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The TAB Method for Numerical Calculation of Spray Droplet Breakup. More.A 1D array of objects of type, where the size of the vector is known and used for subscript bounds checking, etc. More.This class represents the linear and angular inertia of a rigid body by the mass, centre of mass and moment of inertia tensor about the centre of mass. More.Holds mesh or meshsubset and polyhedral-cell decomposition on it. More.References mapLagrangian(), meshToMesh::srcRegion(), meshToMesh::tgtRegion(), objectRegistry::time(), and Time::timeName().

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