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Although I prefer running tech software in english where possible (for support, and community) this is great news.KiCad is an open source EDA software for Windows, OSX and Linux.The problem is that english has developed a computer jargon that simply does not exist in other languages, or what does exist is hamfisted and not commonly known.I got used to the visual aspect of the OS rather than than the text.

Would you say the same if the software UI were Chinese or Hungary only.

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Google Book Official Manuals De Hummer H3 En Espa Ol Summary PDF Book:. 2426mb Manuals Hummer H3 En Espa Ol Driveadmincom, Manual De Hummer H3 En Espaol.

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If so, count me in, because I wish to learn and improve in understanding those around us. 73, KC8KVA.

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This entry blow my mind, I though at first that feedly messed up.And the language is called Castellano, not Spanish, at least for me.Other reason is the often abismal quality of the translations.

This does not include the KiCad source code, libraries, documentation, and any third.

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Manuals Freightliner M2 106 En Espa Ol, Manual Freightliner M2 106 En Espaol Itenvcouk, Manual De Mantenimiento Freightliner M2 Espaol, Pdf 6358mb Manuals.Qucs tutorial pdf The following. searching for people who want to support the project by creating more documentation.This manual.I took ONE year of Spanish, and was able to retain all that I had learned.

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UsuarioDebian: Cambiar el idioma por defecto a español.

The washing room has international washer-dryers that use jog wheel controls and LCD screens instead of buttons because of the symbol-interpreting problem.



I was asked, by a fellow HAM where I got my start in electronics.I have tools that allow me to read what your have written so please, ignore the knuckle draggers as I want to learn from you.As an English speaking user, I would like to apologies too all the people who do not speak English as their first language and wish to use software and write about they projects in their language.

Go to any country and you will most likely find someone speaking english.Not everyone feels comfortable enough (or at all) with English to use the software.I had many friends clueless as they only search in Spanish due to lazyness.

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Consonants do not change how they are spoken like in Castellano.Posted in misc hacks Tagged eda, espanol, KiCAD, localization, spanish.You basically have to google the english version of the software to figure out what something means because the native version makes absolutely no sense.English as a general technical language is like the metric system.

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Personally i always choose english as the language on programs that i use, but it is harder for my mother since she does not speak english, so her programs are in the native language as much as possible.The options and settings can be read from the screen in proper language.

RW on Over-Engineered Mailbox Flag machined using Under-Engineered Mini-Lathe.English is currently the third most popular language in the world.I only did phone support when all the other support staff were busy so I never had a computer in front of me (they were all i use).Yet a lot of courses and tutorials still refer to older versions, and because they were made by volunteers in their free time it wont change too quick.

Its peak, as the primary language, was around the middle of the 20th century, at about 9% and it has been declining ever since.

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The washing machine could easily have such a button, and pressing that would change language and not interrupt anything else.

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