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Front crankshaft seal replacement mk4 VW ALH and BEW TDI engine.Shock absorbers are the cushion between your vehicle and the road. Step 4 - Remove strut tower nuts.The front suspension components should be tightened in their normal resting position - not fully extended and not fully compressed.I was wondring how i remove the front struts on this car and replace them, and the instalation procedure if you can provide me some informanation that.

You could use a heavy duty screwdriver or prybar but the easiest way is to buy the Metalnerd strut spreader MN3424 linked above.Remove steering gear and front suspension member attachment bolts and hang steering gear on vehicle.This will restore the bushing and some report a clunking when not replaced.

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The service manual says with the weight of 1 person in the rear.Sockets - 32mm (deep), 18mm, 17mm, 13mm 7mm Allen Key or Socket Bit Ratchet Driver Breaker Bar Short Extension Bar.

How to Replace Front Coil Springs How to Replace Front Coil Springs.This is a discussion on cant remove factory front struts within the Dodge Dart Suspension - Chassis forums, part of the Dodge Dart.Removing the Front Strut (3:06) Spray the lower and higher strut bolts with rust penetrant.The Bilstein TC (touring class) shocks are gas economy twin tube design and is close the Koni reds but different.In your manual, you will see a few stretch bolts or self locking nuts used on the suspension, these are listed below.Hi all im in the process if upgrading my sportback with sline struts and springs but im finding it extremely hard to slacken the wheel hub. has anybody.Metalnerd strut spreader MN3424 (pictured below), from metalnerd.Once all the components have been removed, I found it easier to remove the front strut unit than the rear.Remove the large nut on top of the strut with ratchet and socket combination, and hold the strut rod with a wrench just below the strut bearing.

If you switched to liquid shocks, check for pooled or a noticeable amount of liquid around the shock piston which indicates bad shock seals.I removed the entire drivers side coil-over assembly from the truck and.Learn how to remove and replace front struts on a front-wheel drive vehicle in this free car maintenance video.

Once the strut assembly is out of the car, use 2 spring compressors on opposite sides to compress the spring.Grab a strut and pull the knuckle away from the joining surface.Remove the three of the upper 15mm strut bolts and leave the last one loosened.

If dropping the suspension does not result in shock arm sitting on.

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Just remember that ride quality and harshness are highly subjective.

See Figure 7. Fig. Fig. 7: Remove the strut from the vehicle.CAUTION: Be careful when using spring compressors since any failure or slipping could result in the sudden release of the spring, strut, or other stuff on the assembly.Here is another idea to counterhold the shaft - two nuts tightened against each other.Front Strut Bushings and Strut Bearing Replacement VW. strut mounts and bearings without removing the entire strut itself which.At the very top of the strut is a large nut on top of what looks like a disc, but is actually the strut bearing.The picture below is for illustration, a torque wrench is not for loosening.The MacPherson strut is a type of automotive suspension system that uses the top of a telescopic damper as the upper steering pivot.

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Steering wheel removal or swap on a mk4 Volkswagen Passat, Jetta, Golf.

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The metalnerd tool has a spot to adapt a torque wrench (must be attached at a 90o angle or else it changes the lever arm and torque spec, picture below is for illustration.) and has 21mm and 22mm sockets, another reason to get it.Again, the service manual says to tighten the rear suspension with the weight of 1 person in the rear.These techniques can also be used when you have to tighten the nut.Install into new tube with M4 screws provided and tighten using flat head screwdriver.Cylinder head removal for New beetle, Golf, Jetta Mk4 A4 body ALH engine.As a rough test of strut condition, push down on a corner of the car.How to remove and replace front struts on 2002 Ford Taurus - Ford 2002 Taurus question.

The springs carry the weight of the car and control ride height, the struts just dampen the motion.Some need to be installed upside down due to clearance and this could cause an issue when tightening the compressors.AC compressor, alternator, power steering pump, and bracket removal: mk4 TDI engine.

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